About Wanderlite

Helps travellers and adventurers indulge in free-spirited and environmentally responsible experiences through adventure/travel/sports gear rentals from neighbours.


A peer-to-peer, circular economy, sustainability-centric rental platform especially designed for travellers and adventurers. 

Our vision is to create a world where adventurers carry no gear, enjoy limitless experiences, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Our Founder & Story

Komal, our founder, is an avid traveller, an expert UX researcher, designer, and a coauthor in the books ‘contentious cities’ and 'Design for Global Challenges,' published by Routledge. She has a masters in 'Strategic Foresight and Innovation' from OCADU Canada and a bachelors in 'Communication Design' from National College of Arts, Pakistan. She has years of experience in the tech space and UX Research in Canada and worldwide.

The idea came to life through Komal's research observations and own travel experiences over the years. Here's her light bulb moment: "I was invited to speak at the Radical Research Conference in Vancouver and had to go to UK to conduct a global study on mobility for women with researchers from UK, USA, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Due to the timings of both these, I had a longer trip: from Toronto to Vancouver to London and then Coventry. I was struggling with wanting to travel light but having my things for exploration, workout, and comfort. For example, in Vancouver, I wished I could have a nice raincoat and some hiking sticks and a backpack. In Coventry, UK, I wished I had my workout clothes and gear because the gym was pretty good. This one night in Coventry I was on my bed, thinking about the experience and a thought came to mine: what if people like me could just rent all these things from neighbours, use them and return! Wouldn’t it be super easy to use and pay instead of carrying them everywhere?"

The idea evolved over time. With the help of mentors, family, and friends, it reshaped into a viable and feasible form: anyone, especially travellers can rent adventure, outdoor, workout, and any travel gear to and from neighbours! Our starting point is Vancouver, BC, Canada but we aim to be available everywhere.

Meet The Team

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Komal Faiz

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Founder & CEO

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Sanchari Sen Rai

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Mentor- SheMentors


Britt Bowra

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Mentor- Innovation Guelph

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Faiz Bhutta

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Sustainability and Business Planning Expert Advisor

Support and Affiliations

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