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Backpacking Kit for 2

https://couchsurfing.page.link/fExMWogDLpE2tpwNA Click that link to see what countries I've been to, a little about me and more than 250 positive references from hosting, staying at and meeting other Couchsurfers. Also click my other listings too see what I can offer. I can cater to any sort of travel package. Hello, my name is Mark. Nomadic, daring, and thrill-seeking. I've seen 50 countries and spent more than two years total of my life wandering the world in a tent as well as other means of accommodations over the course of seven years. Firsthand knowledge of the musts of camping, the sites to explore in British Columbia, the safety precautions that must be taken, and the secrets that few people are aware of. I've been all throughout Canada and enjoy telling people about my adventures. I can also act as a tour guide along the trip and give my own travel services to individuals who are unfamiliar with camping. Staying in touch with me and providing suggestions along the road to ensure your safety and locations to visit are all part of this service. Please see my ads for additional travel packages for 2-3-4 people as well as a wide range of travel and outdoor gear. Because I have a large inventory, I can tailor packages and rates to your specific trip and experience. Back country kit for those who would like to experience traveling BC with the necessities. - 60 and 80 liter Backpack (I have a couple 80 liter as well for longer journeys to pack more) - 3 person tent (variety of tents) - 2 sleeping bag (variety of sizes) - 2 sleeping mat or mattresses (variety of mats) - 3 piece stove and pots - 2 of each - bowl, camping mug, small plate, large plate - utensils - rope - frying pan - portable fire toaster - small cutting board - 3 in one stirrer, large fork, flipper - first aid kit ( for two people) - emergency poncho - 2 rain cover for backpacks - whistle - flint - compass - headlamp portable led lamp - bungee cord - 2 - 2 in 1 - lamp​/​flashlight - cloth $200 refundable deposit require https://www.wanderlite.co/en/listings/1953189-200-dollars-security-deposit Discounted if used more than one day or per week. Book now to enjoy Beautiful British Columbia and the landscapes it offers while camping with ease.


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