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Tracker 70 Liter Travel Backpack

Material imported from Micro Rib Nylon. 7 pockets, Mesh Bottle Pockets Fibre-filled padding on the back, zippered compartments, and shoulder straps with an Alpine cut. Lockable zippered main compartment opening, Adjustable hip girdle that aids in the distribution of weight from the shoulders. Superior Sturdiness and Climate Resistance Description This Tracker 70-liter rucksack has padded shoulder straps for comfort, external pockets to store your goods, and a Fibre Padded cushioned back design for increased comfort in the city or on the trail. Its slender form allows for freedom of arm movement and provides stability in situations requiring equilibrium. The rucksack flexes and rotates with you to provide greater balance; its technical back system is designed for alpine sports and challenging routes. The soft, specific pressure zones guarantee exceptional contact between the load and carrier. Additionally, the shoulder straps are adjustable. These attractively designed packets have multiple applications. With options for summer hikers, winter climbers, and those interested in climbing or mountaineering. These packs reflect the same attention to design, materials, and craftsmanship as our other models; they can be utilised effectively under a variety of conditions to assist you in all your outdoor activities. Product attributes: PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 70cms, WIDTH:37 cms, HEIGHT: 30 cms Opening for the primary compartment of a bag. Sweat-proof net mesh back Straps on the exterior of the back hold tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags. Adjustable hip girdle that aids in the transfer of weight from the shoulders Strap that can be adjusted to keep shoulder belts in position. Waterproof fabric


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    Everything went great, had no issues with the gear. Thank you =)

    MaxJanuary 2024

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