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Camping Gear

I have a wide variety of good quality camping gear, camping games, bikes, paddle board, canoe and more available for daily or longer rentals. Select any item or a complete package.


  • Condition of gearLike New

Type of Gear

  • Camping Gear
  • Bikes, E-bikes, E-Scooters
  • SUPs & Kayaks
  • Golf Gear
  • Snowshoes
  • Innovative Adventure Gear
  • Other Gear
  • Trips/ Tours


Depends on whether you are looking for just one or two items to enhance your camping experience or renting a complete package. Prices will be right in line with similar listings on this page...and adaptable to each individual, group or situation.

Dimensions/ Size

Variety of tents...from3 person to 8 person Variety of sleeping bags, bedding and sleeping mats Variety of cooking options with all the necessary pots, pans and utensils

Sustainability Attributes

  • Made from Environmentally Conscious Materials
  • Reuse community donated gear
  • Designed to be Reusable to Reduce waste
  • Made from Recycled materials
  • Help Save it from going to waste
  • Repurposed or Upcycled gear
  • Plastic/BPA Free
  • Follows Fair Trade Standards
  • Organic or Vegan materials
  • Other

Which year did you buy this gear?

Some is brand new this year and some is a few years old. All is in excellent condition.

Product Transparency (Any existing conditions or damage. At Wanderlite we value Transparency)

Only a few very minor issues


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